STAR PHONE – The only way to Dial


“Hello and thank you that you dialed us … For management dial one ….For accounting department dial two … For suppliers Department dial three……For Secretariat dial zero or wait …”
Aren’t you tired?

Meet the Star Phone – Smart and simple dialing application that will connect you to the world and will save you valuable time.
How? Very simple! Star Phone is visual voice response, which allows quick and easy access to all the services that the Customer offers, using the contact menu that appears on the screen when dialing from your smartphone.
In fact, once the Star Phone application is installed on your smartphone (for free!), all calls to your business opens a whole world of possibilities.
One dial application that allows to reach thousands of customers worldwide in all languages.
Product Advantages
Speaking the language of the customer – the system supports all languages and allows your customers to contact you in their own language
One number for all departments – using Star Phone, all departments, can be reached through a single number dialing!
Single Dialing application worldwide – allows to reach thousands of customers worldwide in all languages
Shortening search time – such as navigation address, website, Facebook, etc.
• The caller is saved in the phone memory of the customer
• Once a customer calls a business all business information is stored at the client phone
• Innovative platform that works around the world and enables the development of a system within a few days
Product Benefits
One stop shop – with a single click, all the communication channels in one place, under one number
Increase Inquiries – a marketing tool that gives great exposure to clients and causes more inquiries
Client-Loyalty – Build and increase customer loyalty
Innovation – an innovative way to communicate with customers
Saving time – shortening the waiting time for response
Improve customer service




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